Interviews with Schools' participants at the World Forum for Democracy 2013

By the Council of Europe
Strasbourg, 28 and 29 November 2013

In the margins of the Forum, Schools participants were invited to review the Forum. They also commented on the role and value of their respective Schools.

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Catherine Lalumière interview: “What does it mean to be a European, what does it mean to be a European citizen?”

By the Council of Europe Web TV
Strasbourg, 29 May 2013

Catherine Lalumière, President of the European Association of Schools of Political Studies and former Secretary General of the Council of Europe, present in Strasbourg for the EASPS Seminar on “Democratic citizenship and diversity”, discussed what it means to be a European. She also commented on how the role of the organisation has evolved since she left office in 1994.

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Launch in Tunis of the first School of Political Studies outside the European Continent

By Yulia Kochneva
Strasbourg, 5 March 2013

Supported by the Council of Europe, the European Commission and the Norwegian Government, the Tunisian School of Political Studies was inaugurated on 8 January 2013, thereby becoming the first School to be established outside the European Continent. Its Director, Ahmed Driss, gave an interview to Yulia Kochneva of the European Association of Schools of Political Studies.

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Nawel Rafik-Elmrini: "The Eurodistrict Forum, an exchange platform" 

By Noémie Schoen, 2 May 2011
Photo: DNA - J.-C. Dorn

For the launching of the Eurodistrict Forum on 5 may 2011, Nawel Rafik-Elmrini, deputy mayor of Strasbourg, in charge of international and European relations, comes back on the Eurodistrict’s level of expertise and on the importance of exchanging best practices in terms of local democracy. This Forum joins the Association of Schools of Political Studies of the Council of Europe as the first school of western Europe in the network.

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Denis Rolland : "Building Europe, democracy and civil society, from Russia to the Balkans"

By Noémie Schoen, 23 March 2011

During the presentation in Paris of the book Building Europe, democracy and civil society, from Russia to the Balkans, the author Denis Rolland, Professor of History of contemporary international relations in Strasbourg, looks at the network of schools of political studies from an historian point of view. He comes back on the origins of his work and on the challenges of this ambitious project.

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Sonja Licht: "'living together', a necessary concept for our survival"

Sonja_LichtBy Yulia Kochneva, 14 February 2011

Over the past sixty year, Europe hasn’t been just the continent of the Enlightenment and the birthplace of Democracy. Rejection and hatred led to the most barbarous events in its history. Highlighted by the current crisis, the rise of xenophobia and racism is threatening more and more Europe.

Sonja Licht, director of Belgrade Fund for political Excellence and member of the group of Eminent Persons of the Council of Europe is trying to address the threats of intolerance and discrimination that are pressuring Europe. Along with other European personalities of the group, she works on the preparation of the report "Living together in 21th century Europe - Pan-European project" that will be presented at a ministerial conference next may in Istanbul.

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Armaz Akhvlediani: "Promote dialogue and conciliation culture – the way to reconciliation"

Armaz_AkhvledianiBy Andrei Babitsky, Editor-in-Chief of Radio “Echo Caucasus",
21 October 2010

To mark the tenth anniversary since the first seminar organised by the Tbilisi School of Political Studies, Armaz Akhvlediani, Founder and Director of the School, reminisces about its origins and objectives and presents the School’s achievements, particularly its contribution to the emergence of a political culture in Georgia.

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