Regional projects

Over the last few years, as the Schools’ Network has gradually expanded and co-operation has been established between different Schools which now hold regular regional projects.

Regional Seminars in the South Mediterranean (2013-2014)

In November 2013, the Schools of Political Studies of Tunisia and Morocco joined their forces to develop a regional dimension for the Schools in the South Mediterranean. Two regional seminars have been organised so far: “Understanding the Arab Spring and its impact”, Tunis, November 2013 and “Standards and tools to institutionalise policies of diversity in the Southern Mediterranean: for a negotiated transition towards democratic pluralism and human rights strengthening in the countries of the region”, Marrakesh, November 2014. By bringing together participants from the two Schools as well as numerous representatives from different countries of the Mediterranean region, notably Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Mauritania and Yemen, the two regional seminars have become an annual platform for exchanges and debates between civil society activists, academics, and experts in the fields of political science and human rights on key challenges to the consolidation of democratic processes in the region. Read more. 


Regional Academy for Democracy (2013-2015)

The Regional Academy for Democracy (RAD) is a new initiative of the Western Balkan part of the Network of Schools of Political Studies of the Council of Europe, supported by the European Commission. It aims to build a new political culture and new political elite in the region. Read more.


Eurodistrict Forum (2011)

The Eurodistrict Forum for a cross-border territorial policy joined the Network of the Schools of Political Studies of the Council of Europe, thereby becoming the first School in Western Europe. The Forum meets the elected representatives’ request of creating a Eurodistrict Strasbourg-Ortenau platform dedicated to the exchange of good practices with other member states in the field of local political cooperation and cross-border cooperation. Read more.


School of Local Democracy (2009-2011)

In light of the importance of democratic reforms at the local level, involving both strengthening of local self-government and citizen participation, the Schools of Political Studies in the Western Balkans have developed the training programme aimed at local authority leaders in the region. Read more.

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