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Many of the steadily growing number of school alumni attain high-level positions, either in their own countries or internationally, and are in a position to act as multipliers for the values the Schools represent.

Consult the List of Alumni who have attended the Schools. To access to the Alumni Directory, please subscribe to the Association and receive your username and password for the Intranet database.

Video: Schools of Political Studies seen through the eyes of alumni

News and Events

25-26 June 2015, Sarajevo

2nd International Meeting of the Alumni of Schools of Political Studies

“Defending Democracy, Freedom and Human Dignity against Internal and External Threats”

  19-20 June 2014, Strasbourg

1st International Meeting of the Alumni of Schools of Political Studies

"Harnessing young people’s potential for building a democratic future"

Alumni Column

This regular alumni column on a topical subject prepared by Schools' alumni with recognised expertise on the subject offers a high-quality intellectual input for the SPS Network and the Council of Europe.

What Response to Democratic Security Challenges?

By Saša Magazinović

“I was born in Sarajevo, at that time a city in Yugoslavia – some people would say a non-democratic country with only one political party but the country was economically and socially stable and most of the population were satisfied..."
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Choose who is in charge in Europe!

By Lilla Pinter

“Use your power. Choose who is in charge in Europe!” reads the campaign slogan for this year’s elections to the European Parliament. Following the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty on 1 December 2009, the vote taking place between 22 and 25 May will be different from previous ones..." Read the article


"One Europe is in Danger"

By Mikhail Minakov

The idea of One Europe is under threat once again. Today, the risk comes from consolidating post-Soviet authoritarianisms and their emerging friendship with ultra-conservative parties in EU member states.
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In recent years a solid network of alumni has been developed within each School. These networks serve to strengthen co-operation and links both amongst current participants and with previous participants.

The European Association of Schools of Political Studies plays an important role in supporting and sustaining the interenational Alumni community





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