Seminar “Sapere aude: Freedom of Speech, Media and Society”

Oxford, 23-27 January 2017

The 5-day seminar “Sapere aude: Freedom of Speech, Media and Society”, organised by the Association of Schools of Political Studies in collaboration with the European Studies Centre and the Russian and Eurasian Studies Centre of St Antony’s College was held in Oxford, UK, on 23-27 January 2017. The seminar was attended by 79 young journalists, editors and media-managers from Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Russia and Ukraine and over 20 prominent experts from the United Kingdom, Russia, France and the United States.

Among topics discussed there were: rise of populism, challenges of post-truth politics, journalism and propaganda, freedom of expression and hate speech, hackers and democracy, press under attack, true journalism and many others. 



Baroness Shirley Williams (UK): The Age of Confusion: The Consequences of Brexit, Trump and the Eurocrisis (English / Russian)

Shelby Coffey (USA): Trust me, I’m a Reporter (English / Russian)

Quentin Peel (UK): Twin Nightmares and the Inexorable Rise of Populism: Where Does it Come From, Where Does it Take Us? (English / Russian)

Sylvie Kauffmann (France): Media and the Challenge of Post-Truth Politics (English / Russian)

Alexey Makarkin (Russia): Russia: Traditionalism or Modernity? (English / Russian)

Lev Gudkov (Russia): Can the Social Framework of Russian Society be Understood? (Russian)

Bobo Lo (UK): The World’s Order and Disorder (English / Russian)

Edward Skidelsky (UK): Ethics in Politics (English / Russian)

Nikolay Epple (Russia): Ethics in Politics (English / Russian)

John Lloyd (UK): The Liberal Press: Under Attack, East and West (English / Russian)

Miguel Beltrán de Felipe (Spain): Freedom of Expression and Hate Speech (English / Russian)



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