Presentation of the Association

In July 2008, after the third Summer University for Democracy, the Directors of the Schools of Political Studies established an association which was registered in Strasbourg under French law.

Why an association?

The idea to create an association stems from the desire of the Schools and their Directors to play a more active role in the co-ordination and management of the programme. Until then this had been managed by the Directorate General of Democracy and Political Affairs of the Council of Europe which is responsible for implementing the European Commission / Council of Europe joint programme. As far as general co-ordination was concerned, the Directors had played a purely consultative role and had little real influence on the main orientation of the programme.

Endowed with a legal framework, the Schools now have a tool which allows the Network to communicate with a voice of its own and to benefit from the support of partners other than the Council of Europe. Thus the City of Strasbourg has become the Association’s first partner of the Association. In addition to providing political support for the World Forum for Democracy, it has financed the Association since its foundation.

Who can join the Association?

The schools as legal entities, represented by their Director, are the founding members.

Schools' Alumni who wish to maintain and develop contacts with fellow participants, not only from their own group, but also from other years and other countries.

And any person subscribing to the objectives of the Association.

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