Peer support between
well-established and new Schools

In the margins of the Strasbourg World Forum
for Democracy, an agreement for strategic co-operation between the Bulgarian and Moroccan Schools was signed to consolidate their efforts to develop new joint programmes and initiatives. The Bulgarian School will share its experience in carrying out high quality training for young leaders and stimulate exchange of expertise and knowledge between the two Schools’ participants and alumni.

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E-learning programmes embraced by Schools

From February 2014, the Moscow School of Civic Education launches a weekly i-class programme offering online seminars and discussions with prominent Russian and international experts, work in groups, and essay writing. Throughout the year, i-class participants will discuss the concept of a modern state, political and civic culture, as well as global challenges to democracy.

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The Association of Schools of Political Studies: a network for democracy in the 21st century

In 2008, an association was created in Stras-bourg to develop the network of Schools of Political Studies in Europe and in the world. Its main objectives are to allow its members to develop their activities, to strengthen their ties beyond any devides and build together democratic societies based on a political culture characterised by pluralism, tolerance and dialogue.

"Prisoners of Criteria"

Article by Ilgar Mammadov, Director of the Baku School of Political Studies and Chairman of the Republican Alternative (REAL) Movement on his situation as a political prisoner.

It is now one year since Ilgar Mammadov was imprisoned on politically-motivated charges in Azerbaijan.

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Latest news
07/04/2014 PACE discusses situation in Ukraine, reconsiders Russian credentials
At its spring session in Strasbourg on 7-11 April, the Parliamentary Assembly will debate a request to reconsider the already ratified credentials of the delegation of the Russian Federation on substantive grounds (under Rule 9.1.a of the Rules of Procedure) and is likely to hold an urgent debate on threats to the functioning of democratic institutions in Ukraine.
Ilgar Mammadov, Director of the Baku School of Political Studies of the Council of Europe, has just been sentenced to 7 years imprisonment on politically motivated charges. This sentence comes a few weeks before Azerbaijan is scheduled to take over the Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe.


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