Seminar on "Media and Society"

Oxford, 25-29 January 2016

Over 60 young journalists, editors and media-managers from Russia, Georgia, Latvia, Poland, Ukraine and United Kingdom attended the Oxford seminar on “Media and Society”.

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Freedom vs control:
For a democratic response

4th World Forum for Democracy
Strasbourg, 18-20 November 2015 

Over 500 participants from the 21 Schools of Political Studies attended the fourth edition of the Strasbourg World Forum for Democracy. As every year, the Network of Schools actively participated in the Forum’s discussions, shared ideas and experiences with other Forum participants and planned future co-operations.

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The Association of Schools of Political Studies: a network for democracy in the 21st century

In 2008, an association was created in Stras-bourg to develop the network of Schools of Political Studies in Europe and in the world. Its main objectives are to allow its members to develop their activities, to strengthen their ties beyond any devides and build together democratic societies based on a political culture characterised by pluralism, tolerance and dialogue.

Free Ilgar Mammadov now say Schools of Political Studies heads

The Azerbaijan authorities must immediately release Ilgar Mammadov, Director of the Baku School of Political Studies, following the definitive ruling by the European Court of Human Rights that his arrest and detention since 2013 breached the European Convention on Human Rights.

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Latest news
29/04/2016 Seminar on “Law, Politics, Economy and Mass-media” in Stockholm, Sweden, on 2-5 May 2016.
The Association of Schools of Political Studies and the Stockholm School of Transition Economics are organising the seminar on “Law, Politics, Economy and Mass-media” which will take place in Stockholm, Sweden, on 2-5 May 2016. Over 15 prominent experts from Russia, Sweden, Norway and the United Kingdom will deliver lectures and participate in round table discussions and debates on the most topical issues of today’s Russia and Europe.
20/04/2016 Online-forum for civic dialogue "Civic enlightenment for civil society"
On 24 March 2016 the School of Civic Education (Russia) launched the online-forum for civic dialogue "Civic enlightenment for civil society". During the year the School plans to broadcast online discussions between experts and participants from different regions of Russia and other European countries.


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