From the Summer University for Democracy...

Since 2006, the Council of Europe has held an annual Summer University to increase the visibility of the programme of Schools of Political Studies and forge stronger ties between participants from the various schools. The event is attended by all the participants of the Schools of Political Studies (over 600 every year). It provides an opportunity to discuss common problems, to organise bilateral and regional dialogue, to listen to prominent European and international figures and to meet many experts from Europe and other parts of the world.

Université d'été

Each Summer University discusses the general theme at plenary sessions, examines topics of specific interest at conferences and holds workshops using participative methods. The programme also includes a visit to the European Court of Human Rights during which participants meet the judge from their country.

... to the Strasbourg World Forum for Democracy

In 2012, the Summer University for Democracy developed into a larger event, which brings together each year in Strasbourg, not only the participants of the Schools of Political Studies programme, but also leaders, experts and international stakeholders in areas relating to development and democratic security.

The Summer University has gradually opened up to participants from countries which are not members of the Network, including non-European countries, therefore increasing synergies and fostering the creation of a worldwide network. 

Université d'été

The European Parliament, the University of Strasbourg, the French National School of Administration (Ecole Nationale d’Administration) and local authorities are involved in the implementation of this ambitious project.

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