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Sapere aude: Freedom and Responsibility
From Monday, 23 April 2018 -  8:00
To Friday, 27 April 2018 -  7:00

The 5-day seminar "Sapere Aude: Freedom and Responsibility", organised by the Association of Schools of Political Studies in collaboration with the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics was held in Stockholm, Sweden, on 23-27 April 2018.

Among the key topics discussed were Economy, Rising inequality, Anti–Corruption, Global World, Foriegn Policy, Rule of Law, Human rights, Welfare state, Gender-basis agenda and many others.

79 young decision-makers from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Russia and Ukraine and 26 prominent experts from India, Lithuania, Norway, Russia and Sweden attended the seminar sharing their ideas and experiences on the topic.



Ambassador Fredrik Löjdquist: Opening session
Torbjörn Becker: 25 Years of Economic Transition
Jesper Roine: Rising Inequality: What We Know and How It Matters
Tina Søreide: Anti–Corruption in Post–Communist Regions
Harinder Sekhon: Big Power Rivalry: US, Russia, China and India
Jon Wessel–Aas: The Rule of Law and Human Rights
Daniel Tarschys: Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law: The Role of the European Institutions
Gunnar Wetterberg: The Welfare State and Globalisation: The Swedish Experience


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