Morocco Citizenship School of Political Studies (2013)

The Citizenship School of Political Studies (ECEP) is a dynamic project created in December 2012, which seeks to accompany and strengthen the initiatives of Moroccan actors involved in different spheres of public service, as well as decision-makers in the political, economic, social, cultural and environmental fields.

Moroccan School of Political Studies
Imm 5, Rue Youssef Bentachefine
App 5, Quartier Hassane, Rabat
Tel: + 212 537 661 470
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Director: Youssef LAARAJ
Youssef Laraaj Morocco


"The Citizenship School of Political Studies is a dynamic project that goes right to the core of the challenges of democratic transition in Morocco. Being a School without walls, open to all regions of the country and based on a system of citizenship education, the ECEP seeks to be a democratic space for debate and for sharing knowledge and experiences for young leaders from civil society, politics, public administration and local and regional authorities."

Youssef LAARAJ, Director


About the School

Supported by a strong network of around 40 national and regional NGOs and active in promoting democratic governance and human rights, the Citizenship School focuses on training young Moroccan leaders by creating spaces for debate and strengthening connections between theoretical knowledge and practical skills in order to translate policy into understandable actions. As well as being supported by the Council of Europe, the School is runs under the auspices of the European Union’s ‘South Programme’ on Strengthening Democracy and Human Rights in the southern Mediterranean.

The School engages with the new challenges of implementing the constitution and of acting out national public policies. The actions of the School are organised in a cycle of training. Following a call for applications, thirty young men and women are selected each year from all regions of the country to benefit from this programme. This group follows a series of seminars, roundtables and conferences mentored by national and international experts and practitioners.

The approach of the School aims to add value by encouraging group work in the analysis of various concepts, and also by promoting the acquisition of the necessary tools and skills for political action. Its purpose is to strengthen the development and position of young leaders (from political parties, unions, NGOs, parliamentarians, politicians and managers of the Commons…) who are able to stimulate the debate on human rights and democracy in all structures of society.

For those interested in applying to the Citizenship School, please consult the ECEP website.

About the Director

Youssef Laaraj is a research fellow and the Director of the Citizen School of Political Studies in Morocco. He was previously responsible for the management of the Officers Development Training Institute and has worked for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) as a local coordinator of a campaign against poverty in urban areas. Youssef Laaraj is a representative of the civil society and human rights movement in Morocco; he was leader and member of the team that produced a parallel report on the situation of cultural and linguistic rights in the country. The report was presented and discussed in front of the CERD Committee at the Palais des Nations in Geneva in 2010. He is currently the coordinator of a coalition of 34 Moroccan NGOs specialized in issues of development and Human rights.