North Macedonia - “Mother Teresa” School of Public Policy (2003)

The School for Public Policy Mother Teresa has been running since 2011, organised by the Center for Research and Policy Making in partnership with the Council of Europe. The school is designed for Macedonia’s future leaders who accept Council of Europe’s principles and are committed to work to create a multicultural and liberal Macedonia. The participants are members of political parties, civil organisations, journalists, business people, and academics.

School of Public Policy "Mother Teresa"
St. Cico Popovikj
Zgrada 6, Vlez 2, Stan 9
1000 Skopje
Tel. : +389 2 31 09 932
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Director : Zhidas DASKALOVSKI
Zhidas Daskalovski FYROM


“The School has committed itself to encouraging the development of responsible and ethical leadership and to providing opportunities for political and civic leaders from across the spectrum of public life to come together to discuss a wide range of issues. It hopes to foster the values of liberal multiculturalism, inclusion and the free exchange of ideas.”

Zhidas DASKALOVSKI, Director


About the School

The School for Public Policy was designed to train Macedonia’s future leaders who accept Council of Europe’s principles and are committed to work to create a multicultural and liberal Macedonia. The aim is to demystify topics such as corruption, organised crime and minority rights, among other important topics.

Participants are members of political parties, civil organizations, journalists, businessmen, or academics. The School also creates a network of people who are willing to listen to others despite holding different views. It is not the School’s aim to impart or decide practical solutions to specific political, economic and social problems, but to create an atmosphere where participants can exchange ideas, experiences and knowledge through open debate, in order to better develop their positions and approaches to broader topics.

Every generation of participants attends practical lectures of at least three three-day seminars. The School also organises other activities such as workshops, discussions, and lectures given by prominent officials. Some recent topics have included: elections and the political process; the role of media in a democracy; women’s political involvement; negotiations, democracy and conflict management; the theory of social conflicts; lobbying; corruption.

Those interested in taking part in the School’s seminars should consult the School’s own website for more information.

About the Director

Dr Zhidas Daskalovski holds a PhD from the Political Science Department of the Central European University. A professor of political science, and one of the most prominent political scientists in the country, he has published numerous scholarly articles on politics in south-east Europe, as well as co-edited several books. Awarded the title of Young Scientist of the Year of the Macedonian Academy of Science in 2008, Zhidas Daskalovski has been the recipient of a number of distinguished research fellowships including the Lord Dahrendorf Fellowship at St. Antony’s College, University of Oxford. He has extensive policy research experience and has worked on projects including: the Center for Research and Policy Making, War Torn Societies Project (WSP), Local Government Initiative, UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), the European Stability Initiative, Freedom House reports, and the Bertelsmann Transformation Index.