Ukraine - Ukrainian School of Political Studies (2005)

The Ukrainian School of Political Studies was launched in 2005 to mark the 10th anniversary of Ukraine's accession to the Council of Europe. The USPS is an educational project designed to improve the culture of public policy in Ukraine, based on the principles of fairness, trust and dialogue. The USPS programme creates a system of values underpinning the development of some of the most successful young politicians, public administrators, journalists and lawyers.

Ukrainian School of Political Studies
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Director: Igor KOGUT
Igor Kogut Ukraine

“Over the last 12 years, the Ukrainian School of Political Studies has become a social and political phenomenon in our country. Among young professionals from politics, civil society, law, business and media it is not easy to find anyone who has not heard of, applied for or is not acquainted with USPS. What is our secret? There is no secret: we are a post-Soviet society aspiring to become a society of trust, dignity and rule of law. These are the principles and values that underlie everything done by the amazing USPS team, the best Ukrainian experts who are part of the School's family and, of course, the group of successful leaders united by our programme and the Council of Europe's World Forum for Democracy.”

Igor KOGUT, Director


About the School

The USPS aims to create a forum for dialogue, a unified space of communication for people who are focused on success, basic humanistic values and democratic principles, hoping to make changes in various spheres of public life. The School brings together leaders from the political sector, business environment, media, social activities and academia from all over Ukraine.

The School uses innovative educational approaches that promote a sound and multidimensional understanding of Ukrainian and global realities and which create opportunities for exchange between leaders from different spheres of public life. Focusing on the professional development of our members, the School offers emerging leaders comprehensive support and valuable orientation. It seeks to provide not only with knowledge but also the skills needed to build a successful political career, to participate fully in decision-making at all levels, and to solve social problems.

USPS activities include the annual national programme of 3-4 training sessions in Ukraine and one in Strasbourg, a series of thematic meetings, particularly within the Network of Schools, international events and study tours for participants and graduates as well as additional educational modules at the School. The trainers and lecturers are leading Ukrainian and international public and political figures.

Over the last 12 years, the Ukrainian School of Political Studies has proved that it is one of the most experienced and successful education and communication platforms for the new generation of politicians in Ukraine. The graduates of the School go on to ensure the implementation of democratic reforms in Ukraine, integration into the European community, and promotion of human rights and the rule of law.

About the Director

Igor Kogut is the co-founder and Honorary Director of the Ukrainian School of Political Studies. Igor Kogut holds a Master’s degree in Political Science from the Ukrainian National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy,” where he is also a Senior lecturer. He has been working in leading think tanks in Ukraine since 1995, and more recently as a consultant to the Council of Europe and as co-chaired of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum. Igor Kogut has also held a number of public functions, including advisor to a faction in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine; chief editor of “Parliament" journal; member of the Constitutional Assembly and the Council for Civil Society Development; Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the National Exit Poll; and Chairman of the Board of the Agency for Legislative Initiatives. Igor Kogut has been a member of the Constitutional Commission under the President of Ukraine since 2015 and he currently holds the position of Chief of Party of the USAID Program “RADA: Responsible Accountable Democratic Assembly”.