Refugee Academy : First Pilot Seminar

Berlin, 17-18 October 2018

The schools are trialling a new, cutting edge method of bringing in refugees into the network of schools of political studies and stress the Western Europe dimension for the first time.

With a proposal unique in its kind, the Schools of Political Studies are aiming to set up an Academy for Democratic Leadership for persons with a refugee background. The idea is to establish a training and capacity-building programme for young men and women with a refugee background, as well as other individuals working in areas relating to integration and migration and who have demonstrated the ability to inspire and facilitate dialogue on these matters.

The feasibility of the project will be determined by a series of three pilot seminars. Each seminar will take place in a different location to obtain a diversified pool of resources to draw from for feedback, ideas and proposals that will aid in establishing the conceptual and organisational parameters for setting up the Academy.

The first Pilot Seminar was financed by a grant by the German Government and took place at the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin from 17 to 18 October.
It brought together approximately 30 participants, including individuals with a refugee background and actors representing organisations working with migrants in the public and private sectors in Germany. The two days programme consisted of work in groups led by facilitators from the Migration Hub Network, keynote address by Gordan Grlić Radman, Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to Germany and Josip Juratovic from SPD of Germany, panel on “Integration through Participation” and two field visits to local initiatives.

The diverse group of participants with different backgrounds, occupations and experiences was an enriching source of knowledge for the organisers. The gathered ideas and recommendations of participants will inform the future work when establishing the Academy.

group photo

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