The Civic Rountable 2018: Multilateralism in Crisis

Thessaloniki, 18-19 December 2018

Initiated in 2016, the Civic Roundtable is a pan-European programme for young leaders on the state of European and global governance consisting of a series of annual meetings. In the light of the current situation, the 2018 Meeting of the Civic Round Table will focus on major challenges multilateral organisations are facing, as well as on possible avenues to stop further erosion of existing multilateral mechanisms.

The respect for the multilateral international legal order, and the role and the authority of international organisations, has come increasingly under pressure over the past few years. Along with other international organisations, the Council of Europe has to cope increasingly with member states that only partially fulfil their obligations. Challenges to the authority of the European Court of Human Rights are becoming more numerous.

Organised by the Council of Europe in close cooperation with the Association of Schools of Political Studies and the Civic School of Political Studies in Greece, this year’s Roundtable will consist of about 30 fellows, who will meet in Thessaloniki on 18-19 December 2018

The fellows were identified in cooperation with the Council of Europe Schools of Political Studies and other partner institutions throughout Europe. This year's profile includes young leaders in their thirties who have experience or a strong interest in the issues of multilateralism and global governance.