25/09/2017 - ASPS autumn seminar in Warsaw


Warsaw Royal Castle Square Resized
From the 25 to 29 September 2017, the final Sapere Aude seminar of 2017 year cycle took place in Warsaw. Organised by the Association of Schools of Political Studies in conjunction with the Visegrad School of Political Studies, the seminar "Sapere Aude: Freedom and the Rule of Law" explored questions of populism and the post-truth era, civil society and local self-government, human rights, the rule of law and political and security crises, as well as the global role to be played by Europe, Russia and China.

Supported by The Council of Europe, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs and the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics, key speakers included: Riina Kaljurand, Stefan Melle, Katarzyna Pełczyńska-Nałęcz, Rene Nyberg, Gunnar Wetterberg, Tomasz Zarycki and Vasily Zharkov.



Daniel Dettling. Populism and the Future of Civil Society in the Post-Truth Era
Anatoli Mikhailov. On the Responsibility of the Intellectual
Rene Nyberg. Finland: A Society Which Values Education
Riina Kaljurand. Securing Identity – Estonia’s Return to Europe
Gunnar Wetterberg. Civic Society and Local Self-Government
Katarzyna Pełczyńska-Nałęcz. Value Crisis in Europe
Vadim Klyuvgant. Human Rights and the Rule of Law
Vasily Zharkov. The Social Contract
Andrey Zakharov. Enlightenment and the Supernatural
Nikolay Mitrokhin. Building Civil Society on the Wreckage of the Soviet Union
Sergei Utkin. Russia’s Self-Presentation in the World
Stefan Melle, Vytis Jurkonis. Civic Life in Europe and Transition Societies
Dmitry Velikovsky on the Panama Papers
Anton Barbashin and Olga Irisova on Intersection
Transparency International Team. A Fight Against Corruption
Anna Rivina on Nasiliu.net
Anton Rubin. Society for Children
Pavel Chikov on Agora
Grigori Okhotin on OVD-info
Victoria and Victor Muchnik. After TV-2
Matjaž Gruden. The Ups and Downs of Liberal Democracy – Will History Ever End?
Tomasz Zarycki. The Ideal Citizen and his/her Historical Genesis
Alexey Makarkin. Russian Society and Elections


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