05/12/2017 - First session of "Academy of Young leaders for Democracy" in Morocco

1-3 December 2017, Salé, Morocco


The Citizenship School of Political Studies in Morocco organised the very first edition of the "Academy of Young Leaders for Democracy" from 1 to 3 December at the National Centre for Sports Moular Rachid, Salé, Morocco.

In the spirit of promoting the position of youth in the public sphere as an effective motor for social change and policy-making in Morocco, the new academy aims not only to create a platform for constructive dialogue on the challenges facing the democratic and human rights process in Morocco. It also seeks to strengthen networking and coordination between the alumni of The Citizenship School of Political Studies.

The event gathered 150 school alumni working in different sectors, including politics, academia, human rights activists, lawyers, media, entrepreneurship, public institutions and elected representatives. The participants came from across the country and most of them are actively engaged in policy-making in their regions. This event also marked the launch of an electronic app which provides information on the expertise and skills of all School alumni since the outset and facilitates communication and co-ordination within the alumni community.

The opening session was inaugurated by the Moroccan Minister for Relations with the Parliament and Civil Society and the President of the National Council for Human Rights.

Supported by the Organisation International de la Francophonie and the South Programme II, the initiative hopes to ensure the sustainability and impact of the various training programs held by the School since its establishment in 2013. It is an acknowledgment of the scientific efforts of the Citizenship School of Political Studies in empowering young leaders and building their capacities in the areas of democracy, human rights and civic participation in the public policy- and decision-making process.