05/02/2018 - New 'Advanced Programme in Leadership' to be launched in Helsinki


The Association of Schools of Political Studies is launching a new Advanced Programme in 2018. Under the motto "learning to understand, learning to trust," the new programme seeks to help societies foster constructive trans-border and trans-national dialogue by actively supporting a new generation of civic activists who understand that a sustainable world order depends on their eagerness to cooperate and actively participate in a global dialogue.

"Civic responsibility is an abstract, indefinite quality, but its consequences are tangible and real. Civic responsibility demands a person's involvement in—not indifference to—what is happening around them. It demands self-esteem, conscience, intellectual honesty and persistance in standing up for the things you believe in."

The Advanced Programme of the ASPS will see a group of 15-20 participants attend four week-long seminars over a period of 15 months. 

Seminars will address global social, economic and cultural issues and their relation to national and international development, including: historical consciousness; freedom and security in the world and Europe; the role of institutions and the rule of law; universal values for diverse societies. The programme also includes training in practical skills such as: the art of rhetoric; critical thinking; negotiation skills; public speaking skills.

The first seminar will take place from 12 to 16 March in Helsinki, Finland.