Refugee Academy : Second Pilot Seminar

After a first edition that took place in Berlin in October 2018, the Association of Schools of Political Studies, in partnership with the Council of Europe, organized a seminar in the framework of the project “Academy for Democratic Leadership for Persons with a Refugee Background”.

The event which had for theme “unaccompanied minors: how to protect the most vulnerable effectively?” took place on 19-20 June 2019 in Strasbourg and reunited around 40 participants.

Among the participants were people with a refugee background, unaccompanied minors, representatives of public and private organisations working on a daily basis with unaccompanied minors in France and Europe. Local and international experts shared their knowledge and experience on the panels’ different themes, allowing to establish a framework for the open discussions opened to all of the participants.

The interaction between panellists and participants was organized in different formats such as a roundtable, open questions testimonies and working groups in French and English.

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