Project of an Armenian-Georgian Platform for Policy Development

In the frameworks of the EU funded “Armenian-Georgian Platform for Policy Development” project the Yerevan and Tbilisi Schools of Political Studies launch a series of meetings of focus groups on fight against corruption, anti-discrimination and tourism for economic growth. The first focus group meeting on “Tourism for Economic Growth” was held on 16-17 November 2019 in Tsaghkadzor, Armenia.

During the two-day event YSPS-TSPS participants carried out discussions on tourism development potential between Armenia and Georgia. The group of young leaders from the two neighbour countries looked into the existing gaps and challenges and exchanged of views on new perspectives ensuring sustainable development through tourism.

Qualified Armenian and Georgian experts Mrs. Zarmine Zeitountsian, Tourism Marketing Expert, Inaugural former Chair of the State Tourism Committee and Mr. Mamuka Berdzenishvili, Executive Director of the Tourism Institute focused on topics, like tourism and its impact on economy, culture and environment, tourism and sustainability, institutional and legal frameworks, quality standards, country branding and marketing, infrastructure and availability as well as awareness raising campaign possibilities to promote outbound tourism between Armenia and Georgia.

The results of the focus group discussions will be compiled in a set of step by step actions and policy recommendations prepared by Armenian and Georgian experts, ensuring promotion of tourism for economic growth in both countries, as well as boosting touristic flows between the two neighbours. The policy recommendations and their actions will be presented at the conference to be held in Armenia in 2020.

“Armenian-Georgian Platform for Policy Development” project is funded by the European Union under the Rapid Response Mechanism of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Facility. The project is implemented by the Yerevan School of Political Studies in cooperation with the Tbilisi School of Political Studies. Both of the Schools belong to the Network of the European Association of the Schools of Political Studies.

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