European elections

Just 6 weeks away from the European elections, citizens of the European Union are about to exercise one of democracy's most precious rights. From June 6th to 9th, 2024, millions of Europeans will head to the polls to elect their representatives to the European Parliament. This moment presents a unique opportunity to participate in collective decision-making about the future of the European Union. Voting carries significant importance, as the choices made by European citizens will have a substantial impact on European legislation and, consequently, the daily lives of nearly 450 million people.

The European Parliament, composed of elected Members plays a crucial role in shaping EU laws and policies. These elected representatives advocate for the interests of European citizens and contribute to shaping policies in diverse areas such as the environment, security, migration, the economy, and consumer rights. Thus, every vote matters in determining who will sit in the Parliament and influence legislative decisions that affect all citizens.

The significance of the European elections also lies in their contribution to the vitality of European democracy. By actively participating in the electoral process, democratic values are upheld, demonstrating commitment to an inclusive and equitable society. Conversely, abstention weakens democracy and compromises our ability to shape our common future.

In essence, the European elections are not merely an exercise in democracy, but also a demonstration of collective responsibility towards the European Union and its institutions. By voting, citizens uphold common values and contribute to forging a better future for themselves and future generations.