Alumni interview #12: Yassine Karkich

Impressions and thoughts from SPS alumni on their experiences with the Schools of Political Studies

Yassine Karkich (Morocco)

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1) Tell us a little about yourself, your professional and academic path and interests as well as any other infomation that might let us know more about you.

My name is Yassine Karkich. I am a young activist in the field of civil participation and participatory democracy. I am the president of the youth council of the city of Tetouan, which works side-by-side with the council of the municipality. After many experiences working on projects related to local governance, and youth's changing behaviour, and after studying sociology and media studies, I decided to focus on youth empowerment. I enable them to participate in local civil activities through trainings and programs to improve their skills. The end goal is to improve local citizen engagement.

2) Which SPS did you attend and in which year did you graduate?

I graduated from the civil school of political studies, ECEP Morocco, in 2019.

3) What was your most memorable experience during the training cycle?

All of the activities and training sessions were fun. ECEP is very unique in the way it works, with a lot of collaboration and teamwork involved. And there was always a positive vibe!

4) What impact did the SPS where you studied have on what you’re doing now? Did it push you to get involved in a particular project, political party or other?

The skills I acquired during my studies in 2019 were very useful when I worked on social projects in international and civil cooperation and did some consulting for youth councils. Moreover, my experience at ECEP allowed me to make a valuable contribution to an international project on democratic governance via strengthening youth skills in strategic planning in the city of Tetouan.

5) If you could give one piece of advice to someone about to start the new training cycle, what would it be?

I am doing my best to benefit from what I learned at ECEP, as I believe that my experience there was unique!

6) What are you up to nowadays?

I am very excited to share my knowledge with the local community and to leave a positive change behind regarding youth and civic participation. I continue to grow every day through similar experiences.