World Forum for Democracy 2016

Democracy & equality: Does education matter?

The 5th edition of the World Forum for Democracy welcomed more than 500 participants from the Schools of Political Studies network, as well as interested young people and decision-makers, to debate and share their opinions on the role of education in developing democracy.

Education is essential for a democratic society. On the whole, the higher their level of education, the more likely citizens are to participate in elections and other democratic practices. But is the current education system fulfilling its mission to increase democracy, or is it failing to equip young people with those qualities essential to become democratic citizens? This year, the Forum investigated all angles of the relationship between education and democracy, examining the extent to which the two can reinforce one another and provide answers to overcoming new social divisions.

As part of the main Forum programme, the Schools of Political Studies sponsored a lab discussing the role of non-formal education in the development of democracy. In addition to the official programme, parallel events organised specifically for the participants of the Schools included: a visit to the European Court of Human Rights, networking lunches and bilateral and regional meetings of Schools.

Programme of special events for the Schools


Plenary sessions in the hemicycle of the Council of Europe

WFD 2016 01 web












Musical performance by Soweto Gospel Choir

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Live cartoonist following plenary discussions

WFD 2016 03 web












Pop-up agora

WFD 2016 08 web