Calendrier des séminaires

Advanced Programme Session 1 "Civic Education for Society of Citizens"
Début Lundi, 12 Mars 2018
Fin Vendredi, 16 Mars 2018

For its very first edition, the Advanced Programme welcomed 20 participants to Helsinki, Finland from 12-16 March 2018, for an intensive training session entitled "Civic Education for a Society of Citizens".

Participants from the Russian Federation, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and Poland were selected on the basis of their experience and motivation to pariticpate in the 5-day Programme. The course seeks to support a new generation of engaged citizens who understand that a sustainable world order depends on their eagerness to cooperate and actively participate in constructive dialogue.

The first day of the session focused on a review and analysis of global issues surrounding the rule of law, well-functioning civic insitutions, human rights, minority rights and sound legal frameworks. 22 internationally renowned speakers from Belarus, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine and the United Kingdom shared their experiences with the participants.

The following four days consisted of theoretical lectures, practical laboratories and interactive roundtables. As a result of these interactive sessions, participants formulated a series of general directions which will form the basis of specific projects that they will develop over the course of the Programme.




Lieu Helsinki
Hotel Haaga Central Park, Nuijamiestentie 10